Over the next few months, St Joseph's is hosting a series of short workshops as part of our Confident 2B Catholic initiative which our Parish Priest launched to follow up last year's Papal Visit and as something akin to the national Catholic Voices project, www.catholicvoices.org.uk. These local events are designed to help us respond effectively to the many challenges that are levied at us as Catholics in today's increasingly secular society. If you've ever felt lost for words or ill-equipped to provide the authentic Catholic answer, these Confident 2B Catholic workshops are for you. Our keynote speakers are highly qualified and recognised in their field.

Our lighting and heating contractors begin after the bank holiday, from Tuesday 7th May, until Friday 28th June, during which time the Church will be completely closed Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 4.30pm. Thus the 7am weekday Masses will not be affected, and the 10am will be able to continue (by the workers taking their morning half-hour tea break from 10 to 10.30am). Morning Prayer (Lauds) is suspended during these seven weeks, but continues as usual on Saturdays (9.30) and Sundays (9pm).

Eucharistic Adoration all day on Thursdays will continue, but will be transferred to the Pastoral Centre Hall, with access from the big grey front door, beside the Bookshop. The Contractors’ storage area will be in the south transept (near Pope St Pius X’s Shrine), but scaffolding will also be moving around the building from week to week so we all need to keep alert and careful. There will be some inevitable disruption during these eight weeks, but well worth it for the results and long-term provision which completes the earlier re-ordering, and will enhance St Joseph’s best features and give excellent practical results.

Fr Jonathon is also being reassigned this summer but, until his predecessor’s appointment is finalised, his destination cannot be announced and his departure date is thus unknown.

There will be no Assistant Priest at New Malden as this was only guaranteed while Fr Peter was Director of the Permanent Diaconate and consequently often away directing / lecturing etc. During an interregnum no changes of any sort are permitted and everything continues as usual until the new Priest arrives. Therefore sign-up for the autumn Sacramental programmes proceeds as usual during June and July and the Parish Diary continues to be filled for the new year. Pope Francis wants everyone to know Jesus. He presents the Person and teachings of Jesus in a fresh but firm style which continues from Pope Benedict’s teachings, especially in the Pope Emeritus’ trilogy “Jesus of Nazareth”, and in his series of Encyclical Letters on Charity, Faith and Hope – the last of which Pope Francis is due to publish shortly. The Catholic Truth Society (CTS) has just published a Biography of Pope Francis at £14.95, and The First Addresses of Pope Francis at only £2.50 as an ideal way to get to know our new Pope and his thinking and, even more importantly, get to understand what he’s teaching us about Jesus.

Why you should come to Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church

Throughout history, the church has always played an important role in the life of everyone who believes in God. With its parish events, exceptional Masses and unique design, Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church is a fantastic place for every individual who seeks His Word and spiritual healing. Whether it is your first time in a church, or you were introduced to the holly services from your early childhood days, pay a visit to this house of prayer and get inspired.

Choose Saint Joseph’s for your next sacrament ceremony and you will not be disappointed. From baptism, first communion to confessions, weddings or funerals, you will find a wonderful environment and friendly people for the most important events in the life of a Christian. You will receive guidance from the priest for every service preparation so that you can rest assured that you will do all the necessary things according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The church is a perfect opportunity for new friendships between persons with the same belief and love for the Holly Spirit which help you lead a healthy and balanced life. As humans learn lots of things from the experience of others, you can meet new fellows from different backgrounds who can share with you their failures or successes. See how the Lord has taught them essential life lessons and accept the companionship and encouragement from these believers.

No matter if someone wastes his nights watching live sex chat on http://www.camplace.com or he needs emotional support after a tragic accident, all people are welcome to develop a close relationship with God and seek redemption for their sins. Overcome the challenges you face in your existence, honor the name of Christ, build up your spirit and let the preachers fill your soul with unconditional faith, strength and love through your participation to numerous Masses at Saint Joseph’s Church.

Let your love for others make you do amazing things for those in need and join the multiple charity events organized by the parish. Although music is fundamental to the liturgy, the four music groups at St Joseph's also perform concerts regularly to raise money for different causes. Direct your thoughts to someone else, pray for those who suffer alongside their worried families and provide them with financial support every time you can.

Faith is the number one thing that pleases God and determines most of our daily actions. Whenever you seek trust in Him, you will be rewarded with His love, your prayers will be answered and your soul will be healed. Bring your children to the weekend Masses and teach them about the value of the Lord and his Church in their lives. This will prepare them for every decision they may take when they face a complicated situations.

Given the fact that God is the Father of every individual, His Church is a large family where you can find a new sense of purpose, learn things that can help you make good changes in your life and improve your self-esteem. You will receive the blessing of the pastors and discover more about yourself, others and life in general. Enjoy the warm atmosphere of the community at the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church and follow the word of God!